Severe Dental Trauma First-Aid

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A severe both to the mouth, face or head can sometimes cause significant dental trauma. In some of these cases, enough force can be imparted to one or more teeth to cause it to be knocked out of the socket or broken away at the gumline.


In a moment such as this you might need to apply some basic oral first-aid while you wait to see our dentist, Dr. Ben Yoong.


Sometimes a gentle saltwater rinse with lukewarm water can help to clear away blood from your mouth and help soothe injured oral tissues. This might also allow you a better look at the traumatize area.  


If the affected tooth was completely knocked out, Dr. Ben Yoong may be able to successfully put it back in the socket.  For this treatment to be viable, the tooth and any attached connective tissues need to be kept alive. This can be done by holding it between your tongue and cheek. This is the tooth’s natural environment and it could potentially survive for up to half an hour.  There are also tooth-preservative solutions on the market, and the tooth may also survive in a container of milk. If you need help managing the pain, you might want to try taking a standard dose of anti-inflammatory medication or an over the counter pain medication. You may want to talk to the doctor about using a topical pain reliever.  


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