Oral Health Keys: Dental Damage

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Dental damage is a leading cause of oral health failure. A single blow to the face or an oral accident or injury can easily destroy a lifetime’s worth of oral health care. Thus, it is important to always exercise caution with any risks that can potentially damage or destroy your teeth and gums. Listed below are a few oral health risks that can severely impair your smile:

Sports – Sports are a leading risk of dental damage, including severe oral accidents and blunt trauma injuries. In addition, it is imperative to always make sure you’re practicing safe and effective oral health care methods by using damage prevention treatments such as wearing safety equipment like face masks and mouth guards.

Drugs – Drugs are connected to numerous abnormalities in your physical and mental health, and are known to cause tooth decay, tooth loss, and cancer.

Mouth Jewelry – Mouth jewelry can lead to several oral ailments including infections, oral inflation, cracked teeth, choking, cut gums, or chipped and cracked teeth.

Wisdom teeth – Wisdom teeth can lead to several forms of dental damage because they can often grow in incorrectly. If you’re suffering from any issues involved with the eruption of wisdom teeth, or if they are causing further pressure to surrounding teeth, visit your dentist.

Smoking – Not only will smoking have immediate negative consequences on your teeth, including bad breath, stains, and discolorations, but they can also lead to countless other ailments, including poor oral health, tooth loss, and oral cancer.

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