Is Your Oral Care Routine Ideal for Cavity Prevention?

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Cavities are holes in the teeth that develop when acids produced by plaque eat through the tooth enamel. You may be aware of cavities if you experience a profound toothache, tooth sensitivity to heat or cold, and tooth staining. Some of the risks of cavities are ongoing dental pain, tooth infection and the loss of the tooth.

If you are unsure how to prevent cavities, we recommend the following oral and lifestyle habits:

– Thoroughly brush your teeth twice a day. It’s important to take the time to clean your smile with a toothbrush because just rinsing your mouth with water will not remove plaque.

– Choose a fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride naturally helps you to fight cavities by strengthening and protecting the tooth enamel and helping to repair any weakened areas.

– Floss on a daily basis. Flossing is the only dental habits that can remove plaque from the tight spaces between teeth where it likes to accumulate, which makes dental floss a valuable tool.

– Eat a diet that is healthy. We encourage you to avoid foods with sugar and stickiness because plaque loves to feed on these substances. By avoiding transferring sugar to your mouth from food, you can prevent plaque from producing sugar and affecting the tooth enamel.

– Avoid regular amounts of soda and snacking. Sugary drinks and frequent snacking produce a lot of sugar that plaque bacteria uses to create oral acids that can weaken your smile.

– Don’t skip visits with the dentist. By scheduling routine dental checkups, you can prevent and treat cavities with dental exams and cleanings.

– Consider the need for fluoride supplements and dental sealants. You can speak with Dr. Ben Yoong about using these services to protect your teeth against plaque and acid.

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