Root Canal Treatment in Ventura

Tooth decay is a horrific problem that can destroy a tooth, uproot it and spread the infection to other teeth, ruining your oral health. The decay starts at the enamel layer of the tooth and can spread downwards to infect the pulp and reach the tooth root. The dentist recommends root canal treatment when the pulp of the tooth gets infected. This treatment ensures that the tooth is safe and free from infection. Experienced dental professionals can perform root canal procedures. At our Ventura dental office, we treat all types of dental problems. Our dentist, Dr. Yoong, has several years of experience in restoring teeth. We are proud to say that we have saved natural teeth in many of our patients through root canal treatment. This has improved oral health in our valuable patients who visit us from Ventura and other nearby localities.

Infection of tooth and root canal treatment

Plaque is a biofilm of bacteria which is formed on teeth surface. The bacteria in plaque can feed on sugary foods to produce acids that can dissolve minerals of teeth to form dental caries. Formation of caries or the process of tooth decay creates cavities and weakens natural tooth. Without intervention of a dentist, this process continues and the caries extends deeper into the natural tooth.

The natural tooth has enamel, dentin and pulp. The bacteria from caries come in contact with the pulp when the infection spreads past dentin layer. The pulp, which has nerves and blood cells, gets inflamed and infected when bacteria invade it. This can cause toothache. The infection can extend to root of tooth causing problems to supporting structure and spreading to other teeth in the oral cavity. To avoid these problems and protect the infected tooth, a dentist performs a root canal procedure and removes the infected pulp.

Root canal treatment

It is not easy to identify if a pulp is infected or not. The nature of the symptoms may indicate the problem but sometimes X-rays may have to be taken to check the status of tooth. Once our dentist confirms that a root canal procedure is necessary, the treatment process is explained to patients. A root canal can be performed with the help of local anesthesia.

We firstly use a rubber dam to isolate the infected tooth from the other teeth. An opening is made on the tooth surface to reach the infected pulp and remove it. Once the infected pulp is removed, the canal is cleaned using dental file. The bacteria are cleared and appropriate dental materials are used to fill the canal. Fillings are used to restore the tooth and dental crowns are finally fit over it.

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