Natural Looking Crowns in Ventura

Teeth restorations help reestablish/protect the functions of natural teeth. Although there are choices of different materials for restoring weak/damaged teeth, metal free crowns are preferred because of their esthetics and wonderful functionality. Newer technologies have introduced tough crowns that are made of pressed porcelain. These crowns are fabricated to withstand higher load. At our dental office, we have used these natural looking crowns to restore healthy smiles in many of our patients living in and around Ventura, California. Porcelain crowns can be accurately shaped to fit over the weak natural tooth. With proper care, these crowns can last for many years.

Why dental crowns?

Dental crowns have application in many circumstances. They can be used in dental bridges as anchoring crowns, as a replacement to lost tooth over dental implants and they can be used to protect weak/destroyed natural tooth. A dentist recommends crowns to improve oral health.

The utmost aim of the dental treatment is to protect/preserve natural teeth. When a tooth is damaged to an extent where it cannot sustain on its own, the dentist repairs the tooth and caps a dental crown over it. The crown supports physical functions of tooth and protects it from damage. Natural looking crowns mimic the appearance of natural teeth and enhance the appearance of the smile.

Dental crowns restoration

A tooth that is damaged/decayed may have to be restored using dental crowns. Our dentist performs thorough oral checkup and repairs the tooth before restoring it using dental crown. The tooth has to be prepared to ensure that there is enough space for crown to be fixed over it. This is done in presence of local anesthesia. A small portion of tooth is removed using appropriate dental materials. The dentist takes the impressions of prepared tooth to fabricate an acrylic crown in the office. This is used as a temporary until the time the permanent metal free natural looking dental crown is fabricated in the lab and ready to use. During the second visit, the dentist removes temporary and cleans the area before fixing the permanent metal free crown.

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