Importance of Tooth Colored Cavity Filling

Importance of Tooth Colored Cavity Filling

During a dental exam at Healthy Living Dental office, cavities within the tooth can be easily found by our dentist. The decayed part of the tooth should be removed and filled with some filling materials. The tooth colored cavity filling has special place in dentistry. If decay is tiny, it does not need root canal treatment.

Tooth colored fillings are referred as white fillings. It will restore and provide the natural look and structure to your tooth. It restores the tooth that has broken or decayed.

Advantages of Tooth Colored Filling:

  • One of the primary and foremost advantage of tooth colored cavity filling is that they integrate seamlessly with a tooth's natural structure, and are nearly indistinguishable from natural tooth structure.
  • It is more aesthetically pleasing than metal filling. None will notice as you had dental filling.
  • It is long-lasting and utterly safe for the tooth.
  • Unnoticeable cavity treatment with custom shades, therefore no discoloration on tooth.
  • For this sort of filling, our dentist removes solely the damaged part of tooth. Therefore more natural tooth is preserved hence greater strength.

Steps concerned within the Filling Process:

  • Filling material should be ready.
  • Removing the decayed part of tooth
  • Placing the filling.

Does this process hurts?

No, there is no abundant sensation and pain during this process. The reason you need filling is to avoid further decay of tooth. A little filling can preserve a huge loss of your precious tooth.

How to take care of Filled tooth?
  • Brush and Floss your teeth twice a day.
  • Filled tooth is not very different from natural tooth.
  • Visit our dentist regularly.
  • Avoid too hot and too cold food.
  • Follow the dental hygiene practice

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