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Do you have missing teeth? Do not worry. The average number of teeth among the people of age group 20-64 in the US was approximately found to be 25. This means many people of the age group have one or more missing teeth. It was also observed that people of the age group 25-35 have at least one missing tooth. Tooth loss may occur from decay, gum infection or injury but the aftereffects on oral and overall health are quite severe. The biting and chewing problems and oral health problems associated with teeth loss has led to the introduction of teeth restorations in dentistry. Implanted crowns are one of the popular choices among restorations because of their wonderful characteristics. The placement of these restorations is done through a surgical process. Our Implant dentist Dr. Benedict Yoong is among the dental professionals in Ventura, California who can perform dental implant surgery. Our restorations have helped many people in the city achieve good oral health.

Teeth loss and oral health

Poor maintenance of oral hygiene is one of the prime causes for dental infection which can lead to tooth loss. Teeth loss may also occur from an accidental injury. A person with few missing teeth may loose confidence to eat hard food items. This can have an impact on the nutritional intake. There can be food lodgment in the gap that is caused from teeth loss which leads to gum infection. The imbalance in the dentition can push the teeth nearby towards the gap, leading to orthodontic problems. When a number of teeth are missing in a row, the jawbone can shrink due to lack of support of teeth roots. This is an irreversible process where precious bone is lost.

Implant crowns procedure

The process of inserting an implant into the jawbone and restoring lost tooth using dental crown requires a surgery. At our dental office, our dentist firstly performs thorough oral examination. Steps are taken if infection is detected. The dentist checks if the patient has sufficient jawbone to hold the implant. X-rays may be taken for this purpose. A treatment plan is set after the initial examination to define a position for implant placement. The patient is informed about how the procedure takes place.

Dental implant surgery requires local anesthesia. A local numbing agent makes sure that the treatment is painless. The dentist makes a small incision in the gums and creates a bony recess in the jawbone. The implant post is carefully drilled in planned position and the gums are sutured back. The dentist may leave the implant to heal for a period of few months.

During the next visit, the dentist fits an abutment over implant. The implant crown is fabricated in the lab based on the impressions of teeth which are taken at the dental office. The fabricated implant crown can either be screwed or cemented over the abutment. Following the directions of our dentist for implant care can help patients retain the implanted tooth for many decades.

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